Weekend in Pictures: Relaxing in the Desert

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As I first mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, we decided to take a few days off during the week to relax in the desert of Palm Springs.  We had actually planned and scraped two different trips, and finally settled on a simple and budget friendly get-away for the whole family.  Once we arrived, you can see that it didn’t take much to get Dominic to relax!

Deon had planned a couple of early rounds of golf, which allowed Dominic and to leisurely sleep in and grab breakfast before heading out as a family.  In line with our budget-friendly theme, we enjoyed a couple of delicious yet inexpensive restaurants that were family friendly.  When we went to the pool during our first day, we met a fun couple who turned us onto a little pizza place that was walking distance from our hotel.  It was called Cafe Pallette.  While Dominic snacked on french fries, Deon and I had a pizza called Rich’s Choice, which was a thin crust pizza topped with cheese, spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon and red onion.  It was one of the best pizzas we had in a long time, quite possibly since Italy.

The next day, Deon drove us to a place recommended by a co-worker called Sherman’s Deli & Bakery.  She had mentioned that this was one of the best deli’s she had been to, and since Deon is someone who I consider a sandwich expert, we didn’t mind the drive to the Palm Desert location (the one close to our hotel was closed due to renovations).

I want to thank our co-worker from the bottom of our hearts because Sherman’s did not disappoint.  The staff was inviting and friendly, getting on Dominic’s good side by showering him with attention in the form of a toy, crayons and something to color on.  Our server gave us his recommendations, which included selections from their “Famous Sandwich Board”.  I chose the French Dip while Deon chose the Corned Beef, Pastrami & Swiss sandwich.  Dominic chose his staple, the chicken strips, but mainly ate the pickles and cottage fries instead.

Both of our sandwiches were so incredibly good.  My French Dip was already fantastic with provolone cheese melting on top of their brisket.  But it quickly became one of the best sandwiches I had ever had when I dipped it into the au jus.  Deon’s sandwich was just as tasty with the piles of corned beef and pastrami.  Since we practically had to be rolled out after our lunch, we took our chocolate cake and cherry cheesecake slices to go and enjoy in our hotel room, which we definitely did.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention just how incredible lovely our hotel was, as well as Palm Springs itself.  It was nice to walk around early in the morning, enjoying the quiet & empty streets, towering mountains and the quaint details of our hotel (Dominic loved the little waterfall).  I was also able to get a blurry shot of the windmills that are seen en masse as you first drive into Palm Springs.  We will be returning because I was just too relaxed to get in much shopping.  So once the weather cools down just a bit, you can be sure that Palm Springs will be a new and recurring family destination.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

FTC Disclosure: Although this is a sponsored post, the opinions, pictures & content of this post are strictly my own.