#MODEMAY: Two @any2ndnow Instagram Images Reposted by Depeche Mode!

ModeMay Rules

Last month, the folks at DepecheMode.com held an Instagram photo-a-day challenge called #ModeMay.  Each day, fans were asked to post a picture with the theme of the challenge of the day.  Later that night, DepecheMode.com would re-post their favorite fan image.  I almost didn’t participate, because I found out about it on Day 2 of the challenge and had to catch up.  I will post all of my pictures on two separate posts this week, but here is the exciting news:  Two of my images were chosen!  Words could not express the excitement I felt to have my simple pictures chosen by DepecheMode.com, especially since all of the images were from my personal collection.  Oh, and a very happy belated birthday to Alan Wilder, who turned 55 yesterday.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

Black Celebration ModeMay

Here is the first of two images that were chosen.  Black Celebration was the theme, and I made the last minute decision to just post all of my records from that album.  About two hours later, my picture was reposted!

World In My Eyes ModeMay

I floated between creative pictures, and straightforward pictures of my collection.  For this day, I recruited my son and my niece to emulate the shadow image on the cover of the single “World In My Eyes”.  It ended up being the second of my images to be chosen!


    1. Thanks Paul! I do another photo-a-day challenge for “Record a Day”, and I had to stop the May one to continue the ModeMay one. It does become time consuming, for sure!


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