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Fashionably Late: Catching Up on 2016 Events!

Catching Up Any Second Now

I know I’ve been very laxed when it comes to my blogging lately, and I apologize!  My son has been away at his grandparents in Las Vegas for the last two weeks, so I have to confess that I’ve been catching up on some much-needed sleep.  But now to get caught up on my blogging, I’m posting about events that I missed over the last few months.  I’ll also be putting up my concert catch up posts and I think I’ll be all caught and ready to put up my newest posts about recent events and product reviews!





My husband and I were invited by Delicious Buzz to attend the “Dance Dance Resolution” event presented by the international travel company Gogobot San Diego and a local non-profit organization, The Seany Foundation.  It was held at The Rancho Santa Fe Motor Club & Storage and although it was quite the storm outside, it was a fun night of food, drinks, dance battles and pug kisses by Chole (with her mommy Heather of The Stylish Bisou).


The Beat Clothing Flier

IMG_1029 - Copy

KUGY2869 - Copy

Back in February, The Beat Clothing stylist Astrid Montalvo invited me to check out her fashion show in Carlsbad.  Unfortunately due to some scheduling issues, my niece, Mei-Lin and I missed the actual fashion show, but I got to photograph some of the lovely models afterwards, and Mei snapped a picture of me with Astrid!


IMG_1522 - Copy

IMG_1523 - Copy

IMG_5206 - Copy

Bloggers were invited to attend Fashion Valley’s 2nd annual “Celebration of Fashion” runway show for the 23rd annual San Diego Latino Film Festival.  The event was emceed by Paola Hernández-Jiao and Abelardo Rodriguez and featured men’s and women’s fashion.  My favorite was the fringed skirt by Scotch & Soda, featured in the video above.  Look at that swing!


IMG_1752 - Copy

IMG_1761 - Copy

IMG_1764 - Copy

IMG_1762 - Copy

OJBJ4167 - Copy

My mother-in-law had a booth for Bathologie, one of her direct sales companies at The Berry Best Chocolate Fest at Liberty Station, so I took that opportunity to hang out with my son and enjoy the festivities.  Rather than all of the wonderful chocolate, Dominic decided he actually loved the Belgian waffles from the Marcel Waffle Truck.  I wholeheartedly agree!

RECORD STORE DAY 2016 – 4/16/16

IMG_2048 - Copy

IMG_2049 - Copy

IMG_2053 - Copy

IMG_2059 - Copy

IMG_2064 - Copy

IMG_2067 - Copy

 I spent Record Store Day this year at Record City in Hillcrest with my friend Rob and blogger friend Laura of Laura Neuzeth.  This was probably the most organized RSD I had ever been to, and I think I found a new spot for every RSD from now on!  The trick is to get there incredibly early (I got there by 5:30 am and there were still people there before me) to ensure you get your choice of what you want.  They didn’t have everything that I wanted from “The List” (post about it here), but I did come away with an awesome haul!


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Spring Fling April 2016 Collage 1

IMG_2137 - Copy

IMG_2136 - Copy

Spring Fling April 2016 Collage 2

IMG_2144 - Copy

Spring Fling April 2016 Collage 3

Also back in April, I attended the “Spring Fling Event” at Girl on the Go, a night spa in the Golden Hill area.  I enjoyed the free cocktails, hanging out for a bit with Tatum from Love Tatum, and then I purchased a little something from Style on the Go.  Of course, since the Marcel Waffle Truck made an appearance, I had to bring something home for Dominic!

Weekend in Pictures: Spicy Lamb & Broadway Punk

DSC01371 (1280x960)

Last Friday, I went out with the girls for dinner and a show: we had a light nosh at the God Save The Cuisine food truck followed by Green Day’s American Idiot: The Musical.  Janice had turned me onto the God Save The Cuisine food truck because she knows how much of an anglophile I am, and was sure we would enjoy their fresh British menu.  As we approached the red truck, I felt nostalgic for our trip last summer in London.  I know most of these trucks have a changing menu, so I was quite excited when I saw the spiced lamb was available because lamb also reminds me of London (lamb burgers).  The lamb was bursting with flavor and definitely had a kick to it.  Once I’m off of the Whole30, I’m want to find out GSTC’s next stop so I can try the Fish-n-Chips Taco, Big Ben Burger and the Eton Mess if it’s available (from the home page: “Eton mess” Light meringue crumbled churned with strawberry compote and sweetened vanilla cream).

GSTC Collage 3

Top pictures:  The “Tip Vote” answers can be found on their Facebook page (I voted yes to the “one way ticket to Mars” question).  Bottom pictures: Very cool idea to provide blankets for a very British picnic!

GSTC Collage 1

I had the Spiced Lamb, sans chips.  I’m doing the Whole30 again, so I only had a bit of the naan bread…but I made sure to eat everything else!

GSTC Collage 2

Janice had the catch of the day: Sea Bass with “Truck Cut Chips” (aka Fries)

DSC01378 (1280x1280)

(WARNING!  This next segment contains spoilers!)

We ended the night with American Idiot at the San Diego Civic Theatre.  The musical is based on Green Day’s 2004 album of the same name, and follows the lives of three men who are trying to escape their stifling suburban lifestyles.  It’s 90 minutes long with no intermission, and goes through all of the songs from the American Idiot album and some songs from 21st Century Breakdown.  The show is exciting with a fantastic stage set.  My favorite parts:  the heroin dance between Johnny and Whatshername; the songs “Holiday” and “Wake Me Up When September Ends”; and the very end where the entire cast sings “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”.  I thought I considered that a spoiler, but even I knew as a casual Green Day fan that they would play that song somewhere!  One part that both Regi and I did not enjoy was the hallucination portion where Tunny is in a military hospital due to a leg injury.  With the excitement and drama of the rest of the story, the floating genie seemed out-of-place.  All in all, another fun night out with the girls.  Hope you had a great weekend!

American Idiot Collage 1Top picture:  The sign as we approached the entrance cracked us up to no end.  I guess the show was not supposed to be for the easily offended!  Bottom picture: A view from our seats.

American Idiot Collage 2

Top picture: “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”.  Bottom picture:  My program, Playbill and ticket.

DSC01389 (1280x960)

Marissa, Janice, Me and Regi

Broadway Punk Outfit Collage

My “Broadway punk” outfit for the evening: The Damned concert tee; MNG for Mango blazer; Guess jeans; Miista booties; studded cross body bag; Suki Bijoux skeleton necklace.

Foodie Fever: Keep on Truckin’!

This past weekend, we met up with my sister at the Gourmet Food Truck Festival held at the Del Mar Racetrack (the traditional site of the San Diego County Fair).  I’ve been seeing these types of events on television as well as all over the city.  I missed out on a smaller version a couple of months ago, so I when we reset our plans to see the “Cars 2 Experience” to next week, we knew exactly where we wanted to go.

Gone are the days of “the roach coach”.  There were 45 trucks at this event filled with edible mobile goodness at every turn.  Although my family only hit up two trucks, my sister, her friends and family share with each other by buying food from several different trucks, slicing up smaller portions so that everyone can have a sample, which reminded me of tapas.  We got to sample food from at least five other trucks this way (although I can’t recall which ones).

Part of the fun of this type of food festival are the trucks themselves.  Each truck had something savory to sell, and something fanciful for the eyes.  It was fun to walk around just to see all of the keenly decorated trucks with clever names.  Because of all of the incredibly long lines, we only went to two trucks:  Brats Berlin and Buttermilk Truck.

At the Brats Berlin truck, I tried the traditional bratwurst with sauerkraut and grilled onions while Deon tried the chicken jalapeno and onion sausage with spicy and sweet peppers.  Both were incredibly good, bursting with flavor and spice.

With a name like Buttermilk Truck, I knew I had to stop in to at least check out the menu.  For only $5, I was able to get the red velvet chocolate chip pancake bites and the housemade cake donuts.  We added just a touch of syrup to the pancakes because we weren’t sure how sweet it would already be, but it only made it taste even better.  Both dishes were moist and just sweet enough so they weren’t overbearing.  The butter was lightly whipped and almost tasted like ice cream.  There was enough to share with another person, so my sister and I devoured the whole thing.  That clearly was my favorite food truck of the day.  Apparently Andrew Zimmern has eaten there as a part of his “Appetite for Life” feature on MSN, a show all about America’s street cuisine.

I’m so very glad that we rearranged our weekend to make room for this festival because it is definitely something that we will be attending again.  This time, we will make sure to get out there early to avoid all of the long lines and hit up more trucks.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

Dominic and Mei-Lin had a blast at the Gourmet Food Truck Festival!