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The Latest From LEGOLAND®: Spooktacular Fun at Brick-or-Treat 2016!


Halloween is just around the corner, and this is your last weekend to get in on all of the festivities at LEGOLAND® California!  We went last weekend, and it’s amazing how they transform LEGOLAND® into the hauntingly happiest place to be!  To really turn up the fun, come in costume, like Dominic did!

If you want to attend Brick-or-Treat, you’ll have to purchase tickets at the park because pre-book online tickets have sold out.  If you can’t make it out, my husband and I captured lots of pictures of our spooktacular night.  Cheers and Happy Halloween!


I think my bracelet matches the decor, no?



We started off at the Heartlake City Fall Festival!


There were Treat Stations EVERYWHERE with 1 million pieces of candy total!





I think Dominic found some creepy-crawlies lurking about Miniland USA!



There were so many photo opportunities with cool backdrops and fabulous costumed characters throughout LEGOLAND®!


Hubble Bubble’s Dance Party!



Believe it or not, LEGOLAND® got even better as it got darker!



Dominic and daddy taking a much-needed snack break!


One of Dominic’s favorite pastimes: LEGO® building!


So, I had to post this picture because I failed so miserably the first time we rode NINJAGO The Ride, putting up only 3,000 points (post here)!  Now I can safely say that I redeemed myself at 129,550 points, securing the 3rd best score of the entire day!

Happy Halloween 2014!


A quick little post to say “Happy Halloween”!  Because Dominic wanted to be a ninja for Halloween (pictured above), my husband and I were faced with the dilemma of figuring out what we wanted to be this year.  Eventually, Deon opted for the “Dark Mad Hatter” (he likes the full transformation with costume and make up).  I decided to use my hair color as the inspiration, and using duck tape and some foam, I morphed into Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Halloween weekend, cheers!

IMG_4044The Dark Mad Hatter

IMG_4043Lucy, aka Wyldstyle

Happy Halloween 2013!

IMG_0114 (2)

Just a quick little post to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.  This year, my son decided he wanted to be Iron Man, so included is a picture of Dominic and my niece Mei-Lin as Wonder Woman, right before they attended a birthday party last weekend.  My sister took the picture and I love how the flash reflected off of Dominic’s chest, giving the effect of the Arc Reactor lighting up!  The second picture is a throwback picture of me in the very early 90’s at the tender age of 21 or 22, when I was Left Eye of TLC.  Have a wonderful and safe night!

IMG_0085 (2)

Images of Halloween 2012

I know it’s a couple of weeks after the fact, but here are just a few images of our Halloween celebration this year.  We went back to the Pumpkin Station at Plaza Bonita Mall on October 29th to use up the rest of the ride tickets (original post here).  Dominic decided that he wanted to go down the Giant Slide rather than the smaller one he went down before.  He did really well and had so much fun that he went back ten times.  Conversely, he then went on a boat ride that started off fun, then quickly turned boring after the tenth go-around (I love the look on his face towards the end of the ride).

The next day, Dominic got the chance to gut his first pumpkin, with the help of daddy and cousin Mei-Lin.  He was quite grossed out by the squishiness of the innards, but Mei-Lin had no problem with digging right in!  Deon and I carved the pumpkin into its final Jack-O-Lantern state, and it turned out pretty well!

Also, as mentioned in a previous post, we went with the Batman theme for our Halloween costumes this year: I was Catwoman, Dominic was Batman and my husband was The Joker.  I did my husband’s make-up, and he received tons of compliments at work and on Halloween.  He also received requests for pictures from visiting trick-or-treaters!  My sister and her family also came over for the trick-or-treat portion of the evening, and they dressed as Adventure Time characters.  As predicted, the fun lasted as long as the candy supply.  Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!


The Dark Knight and two of his favorite villains.

What time is it? Adventure Time!

Happy Halloween 2012!


I just wanted to wish all of you and your loved ones a very Happy Halloween!  We took Dominic to The Pumpkin Station at Plaza Bonita Mall to begin the festivities.  This was our first time bringing him to a pumpkin patch, and he had a lot of fun.  I can’t believe that he’s already at that age where he can practically manage on his own.  He even played a game and won a prize, without our help.  My, how time flies!

Dominic holding a blue snake, which he won in a ball toss game (no help from Mommy or Daddy!)

Dominic also decided that he wanted to be another superhero this year, and his crime fighter of choice was Batman.  My husband, Deon, will be The Joker and I will be Catwoman (we try to select a theme when possible).  I promise I will post pictures of us all in an upcoming post.  Have a safe night!

(The bonus picture below is from 2009 when we dressed Dominic up as a Wookie.  As you can see, he wasn’t too keen on being one at the time.  Now when we show it to him, he loves that we dressed him up as someone from Star Wars.) 

Happy Halloween!

We’ll be tricking and treating tonight with all the ghouls and goblins.  But my Spidey-sense tells me that these two will have the most fun.  They’re going as superheroes, with Dominic as Spiderman and Mei-Lin as Wonder Woman (she’s not in her costume yet, although she is quite wonderful).

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Halloween!

Everyday is Halloween

Well, not really but I like the title of that Ministry song.  Here are some images from this past week and weekend that are all things Halloween.   The first three below are images from work.  One is my team’s winning submission to our company’s pumpkin carving contest.  A couple of my direct reports found an image of a pumpkin as a burger, so they ran with the idea by getting all of the In-N-Out accessories to make it truly unique.  The second and third pictures are what my husband I wore to work on Friday (I’m in my goth girl outfit again, and Deon is “V for Vendetta”).

These last few pictures are of Halloween night and going “Trick or Treating” with my sister’s family and our kids.  My sister, her husband and daughter were dressed as Super Mario Bros (don’t they look awesome?).  It was nice to see that our neighbors had an awesome haunted garden.  At first my son didn’t want to go in.  When his cousin joined him, he practically ran in.  There is a great picture of Dominic and Mei-Lin watching a mechanical bride and groom sing “I Got You Babe”.

All in all, it was fun to see our kids go out for the first time together down the very same street we used to go down as kids every Halloween.  Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!