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Topshop x Nordstrom Launches at Fashion Valley

Topshop X Nordies Collage 5

Last Saturday, I attended the launch of Topshop x Nordstrom at the Fashion Valley Mall.  As you can imagine, I was beyond excited when I learned that this fantastic collaboration would be right in my hometown because I have been a longtime fan of Topshop.   I’ve been to two locations in London, the one in New York and the one in Las Vegas, and I plan to go to the Los Angeles location on my next trip there.  The event was hosted by the uber-stylish Jennifer Grace of the blog, The Native FoxSan Diego Style Bloggers were also in attendance:  Eva of It’s A Fashion Fairy Tale, designer Lucia Mouet of Around Lucia, and stylist Maria of Savvynista.  I snapped quite a few pictures, and I even bought a new skirt…to start!  My best friend Janice couldn’t attend the event with me, but we vowed to shop there together to relive our days in London.  If you can’t make it out to one of the larger stores, make sure you head out to Topshop x Nordstrom at Fashion Valley.  Cheers!

Topshop X Nordies Collage 6

DSC03156 (2) (1280x853)

Topshop X Nordies Collage 1

Topshop X Nordies Collage 2

Topshop X Nordies Collage 3

I love that faux leather skirt (left) and the little polka dot top (right).

DSC03149 (2) (960x1280)

These mannequins were styled by Jennifer Grace of The Native Fox.

IMG_0107 (2) (960x1280)

With Maria of Savvynista.  Loved her look!

DSC03161 (2) (1280x1280)

TOPMAN is on the first floor of Nordstrom.  Definitely bringing my hubby next time. 

TOPSHOP Loves San Diego!

DSC03133 (1280x960)

A few months ago, I posted that Topshop will be setting up pop-up shops in Nordstroms all over the country (original post here).  Well, one popped up right here in San Diego!  To help celebrate their arrival, Topshop will be holding a launch party at the Fashion Valley Nordstrom tomorrow (October 26) from 1pm to 4pm.  This celebration will be hosted by fashion blogger Jennifer Grace of The Native Fox, and will include a photographer, DJ, and swag bags to the first 100 attendees.  Jennifer will style her favorite Topshop looks of the season.  Of course I’ll be there to help welcome Topshop to my hometown, so come on by to this very fab and very British export on Saturday.  Cheers!

DSC03132 (2) (959x1280)

DSC03135 (1280x1280)

Topshop at Nordstrom Starting Today!

Ah, the Anglophile in me just did a somersault!


  • September 7
  • Garden State Plaza (Paramus, NJ)
  • Southcenter (Tukwila, WA)
  • September 9
  • Irvine Spectrum Center (Irvine, CA)
  • Valley Fair (San Jose, CA)
  • The Plaza at King of Prussia (King of Prussia, PA)
  • Dadeland Mall (Miami, FL)
  • Chandler Fashion Center (Chandler, AZ)
  • Oakbrook Center (Oak Brook, IL)
  • September 10
  • Ala Moana (Honolulu, HI)
  • Barton Creek Square (Austin, TX)
  • Burlington (Burlington, MA)
  • Phipps Plaza (Atlanta, GA)
  • San Francisco Centre (San Francisco, CA)*
  • South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA)*

*Topshop only

(Photo and information from Nordstrom.com)


Nordstrom Rack Hits Plaza Bonita Mall!

When I saw the news about Nordie’s Rack hitting our local mall, I thought, “My husband won’t be happy to hear that!”  When I told him, he had the exact reaction that I thought he would: he just gasped.  But of course this fashionista on a budget was elated to see that Westfield’s Plaza Bonita Mall is growing and expanding, which means that I don’t need to go too far to seek out the fantastic deals that my friends always seem to think I have a knack on finding.

Here is an example of why I love going to places like Nordstrom Rack, Last Call, Off 5th, and other “off-price” retail divisions:  it gives consumers a chance to get deals on brands that may not otherwise get affordable prices for.  I wore this Anna Sui jacket in the “So Newly Charming Post” last December.  I bought this jacket at the Nordstrom Rack in the Mission Valley Mall over 15 years ago.  This jacket was originally $750.  I got about 90% off, because I only paid $75!  I wear this jacket all the time, because of its classic double-breasted pea-coat style and sharp pin stripes, which makes it extremely versatile.  Where else would I have an opportunity to get such a fantastic price on a great brand?

I hope you all enjoy this exciting news as much as I do.  Happy shopping!

(Top image courtesy of Westfield.com.  Click on it for the article on the new Nordstrom Rack at Plaza Bonita.)

The Search is Over

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for in what I feel is my most important fall piece:  the camel coat.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be fitted, pea coat, trench or boyfriend style.  I didn’t want it to be patterned because I already have a leopard print coat, and because I wanted to be able to wear printed scarves with it as needed.  I did feel like I wanted a little swing to it and I didn’t want the fuss of a belt. 

I began my search on beso.com.  I just typed in “camel coat” an it brought back loads of choices.  Here are 3 of my “lust” favorites (the Diane von Furstenberg Lady coat is fantastic!):

{Click on each picture for a direct link to each coat}

As a working mommy, my lust items are just a little bit out of reach (just a little!).  So I used my shopaholic skills to carry on the search, which brought me back to one of my favorite sites.  ASOS has come through for me again.  Pictured below is the camel coat that I will be buying.  At only $118, my husband will be glad to know that it won’t break the bank (he was looking quite worried over my shoulder at the previous links).  I like the fold-over collar and the pleats give it the swing I wanted.

Isn’t it a great feeling when you finally have found what you have been looking (and even better, for at a price you weren’t expecting)?