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I'll Take More Than Another River Full

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I know they’re not new, but I have found myself completely smitten with British brand River Island lately.  I made a couple of RI purchases on ASOS, including these lovelies (prior to Ash Wednesday, as I gave up shopping for Lent).  I keep seeing the chunky sandal trend everywhere and I didn’t think I would get into it, but the large pyramid studs on this pair sealed the deal for me.  I’m so glad I snapped them up because they are now sold out, but here are links to other awesome chunky sandals under the River Island brand on their official site and ASOS.

IMG_4879 (2) (1280x1280)

(Title of this post is a lyric from Strangelove by Depeche Mode.)

Judgement Call

I wore this while performing my annual civic service: jury duty.  The summons said “business casual”, so I wore what I would wear to work.  But since I rarely do things “casually” unless I’m attending a concert or sporting event, I don’t see how I would attend jury duty any differently.  I quickly realized that I was quite “over-dressed”, seeing that nearly everyone there was in some kind of ensemble that included a pair of jeans, t-shirt, sneakers or combination of all three.  I guess “business casual” is truly up for interpretation.

As I walked back from lunch, a very well dressed woman who stood next to me while waiting at a cross walk said, “I just had to tell you, your shoes are fabulous!” Later, a nice gentleman at the jury house waiting next to me for the vending machine said, “Love your skirt, it’s so wild!”  I guess over-dressed wasn’t such a bad call after all.

Outfit – ASOS sweater cape; Old Navy blouse; Calvin Klein skirt; Bamboo shoes; Louis Vuitton purse; Juicy Couture ring; Michael Kors watch; Lucky Brand glasses

Asian Inspired: FTF Blog Event for 6/8/2011

The Full Time Fabulous blog event for June is to create a visual post using one or more of the Spring/Summer 2011 trends as inspiration. Two of my favorite sites, ASOS and Topshop, both have Asian inspired outfits as part of their lookbooks, which is fitting as May was Asian-Pacific month. But what really inspired me was Keiko Lynn’s outfit from a couple of weeks ago called “Puppy Paradise“, where she wore a self-designed floral bed jacket. Each of those looks inspired my visual presentation and outfit, which is themed around the Kimono.

Outfit – Nolita kimono top; Forever 21 tank; Old Navy jeans; Envy wedges

(Bonus picture of Dominic walking into my shot, wearing sunnies!)

Totally Capable

I used to have a couple ponchos, but I never bought a cape because I just couldn’t find one that I really liked. Now I have this fantastic sweater cape and I’m about to make this a regular part of my wardrobe. I love the fact that it’s light enough for San Diego weather, but it keeps me warm like a blanket. In a way, it’s like a very stylish Snuggie and was truly a steal at $36. It was perfect for Dominic’s chilly early morning doctor’s appointment and took me into the semi-warm afternoon.

Outfit: ASOS military knitted cape; H&M skinny jeans; Lucky brand striped top; Steve Madden Luxe boots; Vintage Gucci clutch; Burberry sunglasses

All Day Sparkle

I don’t know what it is about the holidays that brings out the girly-girl in me. I’m loving all the sequins and glitter, especially during an evening out. But these are some casual items that can add a touch of sparkle during the day, and some can even take you into the night.

I’m not sure what I’m going to wear them with, but I really love the Toms Pink Glitters!

Buckle Up

Thinking about meeting Alan Wilder this Saturday (see the original post here) has sparked my inner goth again, so I’ve been loving everything buckled, lace & laced, strappy, chained, zippered and studded.  It started with seeing the Dolce Vita for Target boots while shopping for necessities for my son, and the hunting went from there.  Now I’m trying to think of what to wear for my fateful meeting with Mr. Wilder, not necessarily for him, but how I want to remember my day in pictures.  I’m definitely steering away from wearing the concert/Depeche Mode shirt to the signing because I don’t want to be “that guy/girl” (PCU:  “What’s this? You’re wearing the shirt of the band you’re going to see? Don’t be that guy.“). 

I’m sure my posts for the rest of this week will be infused with dark and gothic images as well as all things musical.  I’m so very excited for Saturday!  Not only will I get to meet a personal musical idol, but I’ll be surrounded by friends who were there to witness the lifelong fandom from day one until now. 

(Click on each picture for a link to the item)

The Search is Over

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for in what I feel is my most important fall piece:  the camel coat.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be fitted, pea coat, trench or boyfriend style.  I didn’t want it to be patterned because I already have a leopard print coat, and because I wanted to be able to wear printed scarves with it as needed.  I did feel like I wanted a little swing to it and I didn’t want the fuss of a belt. 

I began my search on beso.com.  I just typed in “camel coat” an it brought back loads of choices.  Here are 3 of my “lust” favorites (the Diane von Furstenberg Lady coat is fantastic!):

{Click on each picture for a direct link to each coat}

As a working mommy, my lust items are just a little bit out of reach (just a little!).  So I used my shopaholic skills to carry on the search, which brought me back to one of my favorite sites.  ASOS has come through for me again.  Pictured below is the camel coat that I will be buying.  At only $118, my husband will be glad to know that it won’t break the bank (he was looking quite worried over my shoulder at the previous links).  I like the fold-over collar and the pleats give it the swing I wanted.

Isn’t it a great feeling when you finally have found what you have been looking (and even better, for at a price you weren’t expecting)?