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Have Boxes, Will Travel

My son has tons of toys everywhere at home (and more have been added since Christmas). It’s a combination of my niece’s hand-me-down toys and brand new ones that they share, or that are distinctly their own. But no matter how many cool toys my son and niece have all around them, I find that it’s their imagination that drives the heart of their play (cardboard boxes make the best planes, trains, cars or boats). Hope you had a great weekend!

Totally Random iPhone Pictures

You can stay healthy with these magazines.

These are some completely random iPhone pictures from the last couple of weeks, no true rhyme or reason.  If you follow me on Twitter (@any2ndnow) or Instagram (any2ndnow), you will recognize some of these images.  In the end, does it really matter why, when you start the randomness with stunning photos of Alan Wilder and Gerard Butler?  No, it doesn’t.

Happy Friday!

Oh. My. Goodness. (Courtesy of The Red Radio)

Originally posted for comparison with the photo above.  But do I really need a reason?  (Courtesy of Comic Vine Forum)

I have been reminiscing about when I met Alan Wider last year (hence the first photo). This was one of at least ten items he autographed for me.  He said “Wow, this takes me way back…”  Was it the fact that it was his first EP as Recoil or that it was actually on vinyl?  Methinks both.

Aren’t these just pretty?

My companion while at jury duty (thanks Janice for loaning it to me). Read all 358 pages!

If only I had planned it right, I would have dressed like her for Halloween…

Dominic says, “Let it be…”

I love my little family *sigh*

Wore this in honor of my father on Veteran’s Day: it was one of his first uniform shirts.

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