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Weekend in Pictures: A Fond Farewell to the Fair

July 9, 2012

Dominic had his face painted during our third visit to the fair a couple of weekends ago.  He got Spiderman painted on his cheek and did so well and sat still like a very big boy.  He also did very well during his first big fireworks display last week.  Typically we set off for Las Vegas during the Fourth of July because we can set off our own fireworks in the cul-de-sac of my in-law’s house. But because the holiday fell in the middle of the week, we decided to celebrate the Fourth at the last day of the fair last week.  I know it’s technically not a weekend, but it certainly felt like one!  As my last hurrah to the San Diego County Fair, I had a chocolate dipped cheesecake slice.  It was better than I could ever describe here (and as my husband stated, I should have had them roll it in Oreo cookies).  Hope you had a great weekend!

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