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Nail Week Continues: Nail Cones Review!

DSC04125 (2) (1280x1280)

I’m excited to continue “Nail Week” here on Any Second Now with one of two product reviews.  First up is a product called Nail Cones.  The concept is simple: polish your nails, not your skin!  Created by yet another mother and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Cindy Christman wanted to get away from the “Q-Tip” clean up process (you know, where you dip the swab in nail polish remover and hope to the beauty gods you don’t damage your manicure any further).  To combat this issue, Cindy came up with a sticker to surround the nail, where the nail polish would end up on the sticker and not your finger, resulting in a salon quality finish.

DSC04126 (2) (1280x1280)

Nail Cones Collage 1

I followed the instructions as written on the package, and even watched the You Tube video to make sure I was doing it correctly (I started off with just three for purposes of this review).  The stickers are actually very easy to use and does provide a way to get a nice edge (really do tuck the sticker tightly under the tip of the nail for the best result).  Not bad for my first attempt, and I’m sure I’ll get better with more practice.  For the price point of $5.99 for 60 stickers, it’s a great way to get a clean finish to your home manicure!

DSC04129 (2) (1280x1280)

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Nail Week: Tips for a Longer-Lasting Mani & Pedi From Bellus Academy

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This is week is “Nail Week” on Any Second Now where I’ll be reviewing a few new nail products and colors (all pictured above).  To kick it off, here are some great tips for longer-lasting care for your nails from Bellus Academy’s Director of Spa Nails, Trudy Reynolds.  I’ve definitely used a few of these tips myself, including using oil on my nails and cuticles and wearing gloves when washing dishes!

Trudy Reynolds

Hello Chip Free Nail Polish: Tips for a Longer-Lasting Mani and Pedi  

Women have all been there. They get a mani and pedi and the next week it has somehow chipped! That means back to the nail salon to have nails redone. Bellus Academy Director of Spa Nails, Trudy Reynolds, is here to help. She gives her at-home daily care tips to help preserve your next mani and pedi. Hello chip free nail polish!

For a longer lasting manicure and pedicure Trudy recommends:

·         Apply SolarOil with Cuticle Away. This product is applied to fingers; follow up with a good moisturizer for the rest of the hands and arms. The SolarOil acts like a shampoo and conditioner for nails and should be used daily, especially before bed.

·         Wear gloves to wash dishes! Washing dishes can take a toll on a manicure. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect polish the next time you do the dishes.

·         Reapply Top Coat. Reapplying a top coat after the manicure helps preserve the polish life. If wearing CND Vinylux polish, we recommend the purchase of a CND Vinylux Top Coat.

·         Use FootLogix Products for Pedicure. Consult your nail technician for the appropriate product that is specific to your needs. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and use daily for a longer lasting pedicure.

Bellus Academy has three campuses located in San Diego County alongwith a fourthin Manhattan, Kansas. They continue to elevate the beauty and spa industry through breakthrough education in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Make-up Artistry, Spa Nail Technician and Massage Therapy and innovative business practices. To learn more about Bellus Academy, please visit www.bellusacademy.edu.

(FTC Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.)

Indulge at Fashion Valley: A Mother's Day Treat!

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Last Thursday was my birthday, and after I spent a wonderful morning and afternoon with my family, I attended the Mother’s Day Indulge event at Fashion Valley.  As I was heading to the event, I ran into Jennifer of Malcriada, which was another wonderful treat.  Also in attendance was Lisa of Mona Lisa Marie, who was on hand to style some lucky attendees, and she is SO adorable pregnant.  As I type this, I realize how apropos it was that we all were in attendance for this event, as we are three San Diego Style Blogger moms (and mom to be)!  There were so many things to indulge in, from food to live music, to fashion and beauty.  It was quite a lovely event, and it was most definitely a nice way to end my birthday, leading into a busy weekend.  Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your loved ones!

Liquid Blue CollageLive music provided by the band Liquid Blue.

DSC03912 (2) (1280x1280)

DSC03911 (2) (1280x1280)

Lots of yummy food samples from restaurants throughout Fashion Valley!

Indulge Collage May 2014

Fantastic fashion and beauty finds as well.

Hair Drezzers On Fire Collage

Jennifer got a nice little refresh from Hair Drezzers On Fire (love The Smiths reference).

DSC03907 (2) (960x1280)

How. Cute. Is. Lisa?!

FWSD and Mothers Day 046 (2)

Jennifer has some of the best tattoos, and what an adorable retro dress!

My outfit:  Zara sweater, Madewell denim leggings, Miista Val Tex booties; Suki Bijoux necklace; Eva glasses c/o Bonlook

(Photo courtesy of Jennifer)

IMG_2094 (2)

Love this gal!

Warm Weather Skin Care Tips From Bellus Academy

With the spring weather being so warm lately, it’s hard to believe there ever was a winter this year in San Diego!  Now that Dominic is older, warmer weather means getting ready for days spent outdoors.  Not only do I have to protect his skin, but my skin as well.  The folks at Bellus Academy have some tips to share on how to protect your skin during these upcoming days having fun in the sun.  Thank you Bellus for always providing important beauty tips!

Spring means warmer weather, which translates to more time enjoying the outdoors. But warmer weather doesn’t mean it is time to neglect your skin. More time in the sunshine gives you more reasons to protect your skin.  Bellus Academy’s esthetics expert share their warm weather skin tips to help defend your skin while out and about under the sun:

·   Sunscreen. Applying sunscreen every day is one of the most important tips to remember when spending long periods of time out in the sun. When choosing this crucial skin care product, make sure to choose one that is at least SPF 15 (SPF 30 for lighter skin), that is water resistant and that protects against UVA rays—the rays that penetrate below the skin—and UVB rays—the rays that cause sun burns and reddening. Sun screen should be reapplied every two hours for maximum protection. Also, remember to throw away last year’s bottle; sunscreen has a short shelf life and old sunscreen won’t protect skin from harsh rays.

·   Lip balm. Don’t forget your lips are skin too! Make sure to apply lip balm like you would sunscreen, which is every two hours to keep lips from sun burn and cracking. Also, lip gloss won’t cut it; gloss attracts the UV rays instead of repelling it.

·   Exfoliate. Many know that it is important to exfoliate in the winter, but did you know that it is important to exfoliate during the spring and summer also? Exfoliating helps remove previous sun damage and also keeps skin looking fresh and rejuvenated.

·   Water Spritz. Since the sun is harsh on skin, spritzing water on your face helps to moisturize and calm skin from the heat and helps prevents facial sun burns.

·   Make-up Switch. In hot weather, foundation tends to be too thick and heavy for skin to handle. Instead, try a tinted moisturizer that is easily absorbed by the skin. The tinted moisturizer helps keep skin soft and serves the same function foundation would at evening skin tone and as a base for make-up.

·   Bronzer/Sunless Tanner. Instead of lying out all day to achieve that perfect tan, a bronzer or sunless tanner can help you achieve that same look. These products are safer to get that sun-kissed look than sitting-out for hours under the sun.

For more information on Bellus Academy, please visit www.bellusacademy.edu.

FTC Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.

"Beautiful Lashes are a Blink Away" at Blink Lash Boutique


DSC03650 (2) (853x1280)

Last Saturday, I had my first ever experience at receiving eyelash extensions at Blink Lash Boutique.  I recall reading about wonderful experiences of eyelash extensions at Blink Lash Boutique by Laura of Laura Neuzeth (here) and Paulina of Lil Bits of Chic (here), but never braved trying it out for myself.  After meeting Carly of Blink Lash at a local networking event, I decided to try out the service for myself.  I made my early morning appointment close to home, which was at the Little Italy location on Kettner Boulevard.  After signing some important paperwork regarding allergies and previous experience with this type of procedure, I was ready to get started!  I have to mention that I absolutely adore my husband and son for being so patient while they waited for me (the pictures of the process were taken by my husband).  I want to thank Carly for this wonderful opportunity, and Jenavie for being so patient and kind through my first experience with this process, answering my many questions and lasting through the photo taking.  If you would like to experience this process for yourself, check out their full menu of services here, and please follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

DSC03672 (2) (1278x1280)

Doesn’t Dominic look so excited?  My awesome little boy is the most patient 5-year-old ever!

Blink Lash Collage 1

The process was actually quite relaxing.  I was impressed with the how meticulous and patient my Lash Stylist was.  She talked me through the process, explaining the condition of my lashes and how many she was applying and why.  I chose to do the Blush set, which is about 60 lashes per eye (but I may have had slightly more due to the fact my lashes were very fine).

IMG_1732 (2) (960x1280)

DSC03689 (2) (1280x1280)

Check out the results!  I can’t believe how pretty and natural my lashes look.

DSC03688 (2) (1280x960)With my Lash Stylist, Jenavie.  She was incredibly sweet and made this experience so wonderful!

Blink Lash Collage 2

FYI:  The Blink Lash Boutique is located in a historical landmark.  I love knowing this type of information because it’s always fascinating what the structure was prior to it’s current use.

(FTC Disclosure:  I received a service free of charge, and was asked to review the service in return.  Although I did receive a service free of charge, the opinions in this post are strictly my own.)

Weekend in Pictures: Bellus Academy Presents Come2gether


Last Saturday, I was invited to attend an exciting and inspirational charity event presented by Bellus Academy (where I met up with quite a few San Diego Style Bloggers).  Come2gether was held at the Moniker Warehouse in Downtown San Diego and benefitted Beauty Changes Lives“a non-profit initiative designed to raise awareness of how careers in the hair, beauty and wellness industry transform lives both personally and professionally.”  It started off with the media portion, where bloggers, photographers and journalists could interview, photograph and visit with the artists who would be presenting that evening.  Bellus Academy president, Lynelle Lynch, and Cosmetology Educator, Manny SanMartin, chatted with us briefly about their career paths and the importance of the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation.  The keynote speaker was Stacey Broughton, a former Senior Art Director for the Vidal Sassoon Academy.  Special guests that night included Mike Varela, Nina Kovner, D.J. Muldoon, Douglas McCoy, Nicole Brown, Omar Antonio, Carrera Bailey and Diego Raviglione.  The main portion of this fun event included dynamic visual styling presentations set to music.  Thank you Christina of Alternative Strategies for inviting me to this fantastic event!

DSC03534 (2) (1280x1280)

Come2gether Collage 2Early in the evening for the media portion, just before the main event.

DSC03537 (2) (1280x1280)Lynelle Lynch and Manny SanMartin took time to chat with us about the importance of the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation.

DSC03549 (2) (1280x960)

The Moniker Warehouse beginning to fill up for the main event.

Come2gether Collage 3Lynelle Lynch sharing the message of Beauty Changes Lives to a captive audience.

DSC03568 (2) (1280x960)Artistry in action!

DSC03580 (2) (1280x960)Artistic Director and Wella Top Stylist, Diego Raviglione, working his magic (in a Joy Division shirt!)

Come2gether Collage 1SD Style Bloggers:  Bianca V. of The In-Between Girls; Ashley of Array of Style; Heidi of A Fashion Statement; Lindsay of Elle Web Style

DSC03540 (2) (1280x1280)

Lindsay, Ashley, Heidi and I, with Bellus Academy’s Terrell Mitchell, who won Project Runway’s Photo Challenge (he gave tips for winter hair care here).  And YES, I finally got my Bodhi Safety Pin clutch in Electric Purple (original “Wanted” post here).

SD Style Bloggers Come2gether event (2)

With Heidi, Bianca of Just Ask B, Amber of King & Kind, Ashley and Bianca V. (photo courtesy of Bianca V.). 

Winter Hair Care Tips From Terrell Mitchell of Bellus Academy


I’ve been very lucky to receive so many tips to share with Any Second Now readers on how to feel fabulous and stay beautiful during these crazy winter months.  Here are some great tips from Terrell Mitchell, Alumni Association Outreach Coordinator for Bellus Academy, and the new Grand Prize Winner of Project Runway’s Photo Challenge!

1. Protect your hair from the elements: Where a hat to protect your hair from the weather. Also, make sure to wrap your hair with a silk scarf first, so it won’t snag your hair when you wear a hat for some warmth.

2. Don’t wash your hair everyday: If you normally wash your hair every day, cut back during the winter so you don’t catch a cold with your pores being open out in the cold.

3. Get a Trim: Keep your hair in good health by coming into your local Bellus Academy and getting a nice trim to take care of all the dead/split ends.

4. Get a deep conditioning treatment: This will really help with the dryness from the heater in the home and cold winds outside. Bellus offers the best deep conditioning treatments.

Bellus_Terrell's PR Photo Challenge Submission

Terrel’s winning submission to Project Runway’s Photo Challenge!

FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.