Atlas World Fresh Market Grand Opening in Poway

Atlas Market Grand Opening 1

A couple of weekends ago, I attended two events in one day.  The first was the grand opening of the Atlas World Fresh Market in Poway.  It is an amazing supermarket with everything from a deli, to a juice bar to an incredible Food Hall.  I roamed around several times, taking in the variety of foods from all over the world, tasting samples and enjoying their fresh Juice Bar.  I called my husband to let him know we needed to come back, not only to grocery shop, but to enjoy everything this amazing store has to offer, especially their bakery!  Thank you Atlas Market for inviting me to your spectacular grand opening.  My family and I look forward to returning again and again!

Atlas Market Grand Opening 3

Atlas Market Grand Opening 4

I have never seen so many kinds of honey, including actual honeycombs!

Atlas Market Grand Opening 2

Atlas Market Grand Opening 2a

These are all made fresh in their Juice Bar!

Atlas Market Grand Opening 2b

My refreshing pineapple drink, so delicious!

Atlas Market Grand Opening 8

Atlas Market Grand Opening 8a

Atlas Market Grand Opening 11

The samples were so delicious, including their breads and Turkish coffee!

Atlas Market Grand Opening 9

On my next visit, I’m going to be having a little something from their Bakery.

Atlas Market Grand Opening 7

Atlas Market Grand Opening 6

I’m pretty sure my husband would not know what to do with himself at the meat & seafood counter, or even the deli!

Atlas Market Grand Opening 10

Looking for spices?  Look no more!

Atlas Market Grand Opening 5

This Food Hall was so amazing. My family and I need to come back and try everything!

Atlas Market Grand Opening 1a

Congratulations on your new store and thanks again for inviting me to your Grand Opening!

Elastic Wonder’s Kickstarter Project Revisited: The Affordable LeggingShoes™!


Last year, I posted about one of my favorite designer’s, Idil Vice, Kickstarter campaign asking for support of her version of the Pantashoes through her company Elastic Wonder (post here).  Well, after a few months of trial and error, Elastic Wonder has returned with the LeggingShoe™!


“The LeggingShoes™ features a very soft sheen and an elastic waist band. The LeggingShoe™ is made in the U.S.A.

Our Stiletto shoe has a 3.75″ “ice pick” heel and once it’s covered with our spandex, it can be wiped with a soft clean cloth.”


The Elastic Wonder Kickstarter campaign has been updated to include only the LeggingShoes™ with 7 ways to contribute.  In fact, there is an “Early Bird” special where you can get your own pair of LeggingShoes™ in your favorite color at a great price if you participate soon.

Let’s help Elastic Wonder get to their goal to ensure these fantastic LeggingShoes™ are funded and manufactured!

Catching Up: Spring Soirée at Kate Spade La Jolla

Spring Soiree KSNY La Jolla Collage 1

The day after the Kia Classic, I attended a Spring Soirée event at Kate Spade La Jolla, hosted by Conni of Art In The Find and Vanessa of Vanessa Balli.  It was a lovely day for shopping, along with savoring yummy sips and treats.  I’ve always adored Kate Spade because of the brand’s quirky, one-of-a-kind accessories and handbags, along with their the gorgeous classically retro clothing line.  I own quite a few Kate Spade pieces (here and here), one of my favorites being the Goreski “Look Out” Glasses Bracelet (here).  If you get the chance, get to a Kate Spade store to check out their latest collection, including the classic Sam collection of handbags.

Spring Soiree KSNY La Jolla 1

Spring Soiree KSNY La Jolla 2

Spring Soiree KSNY La Jolla 6

Isn’t this AMAZING? These are gift boxes and bags!

Spring Soiree KSNY La Jolla 5

I think Bjork would love these…

Spring Soiree KSNY La Jolla Collage 2

Spring Soiree KSNY La Jolla 3

Spring Soiree KSNY La Jolla Collage 3

Spring Soiree KSNY La Jolla 4

I need a Sam handbag in my life!

Spring Soiree KSNY La Jolla 7

With beautiful soon-to-be-mommies, Conni and Vanessa (photo taken by @inkysnapper)

Catching Up: Kia Classic 2018

Kia Classic 2018 2a

Kia Classic 2018 4

Back at it again, and I’m catching up on events as it’s been quite the busy few weeks!  If you follow my blog regularly, then you will know that my husband, Deon, is not just a fan of golf, but he is an amazing golfer as well, winning eight amateur tournaments.  Every now and again, we get the chance to attend a professional golfing event, and this year our first one was the LPGA Kia Classic in Carlsbad.  Deon’s favorite golfer is Paula Creamer, but we missed her as we attended the second to the last day of the event.  We ended up following Brooke Henderson and Lydia Ko for the bulk of the time we attended and we got to see Michelle Wie get interviewed after her round was finished.  Check out the amazing picture Deon captured below!

Kia Classic 2018 10

The tournament took place at Park Hyatt Aviara Golf Club and made me appreciate my hometown even more because I feel like I’m discovering time and time again that San Diego is simply one the prettiest cities in the world.  It was lovely to walk around with Deon as he is so knowledgeable about the sport, and he’s definitely in his element when he’s on the course.  Here are some pictures I took at the event, and I know you’ll agree that this course is absolutely gorgeous, as was the day.  Cheers!

Kia Classic 2018 1

Kia Classic 2018 3

Kia Classic 2018 5

Kia Classic 2018 6

Lydia Ko and Brooke Henderson 

Kia Classic 2018 8

Kia Classic 2018 11

Until next time Kia Classic!

(That’s Deon walking on the left in the striped golf shirt)

Kia Classic 2018 12

Our complimentary custom caddie bib t-shirts: Of course Deon chose the Paula Creamer shirt and I opted for Lydia Ko

T.G.I. FUNKO: Ready Player One

Ready Player One Pops 1

As mentioned in a post earlier this week, Ready Player One is finally out!  For today’s T.G.I. Funko, I’m featuring the first part of my RP1 Collection.

Above, we have the “High Five”.  They are the Gunters who made it to the top of the scoreboard first in the contest to win control of the OASIS and the creator’s fortune.  Below are the exclusives of Parzival and Art3mis from Hot Topic, GameStop and Walmart.  I actually just finished completing the entire set of RP1 Funko Pop! vinyl figures and will feature the rest of them in next week’s post.  By then, I will have seen the movie with my family and can offer a little bit of insight to how I feel about the book adaptation and how it translated to the big screen.

If you want to check out all Funko has to offer, remember to click on the banner on the right (or here)  to take you to their official shop.  Cheers and T.G.I. Funko!

Ready Player One Pops 2

Gleaming The Cube

Katy Perry Cube 1

It’s FINALLY time for Ready Player One to hit the theaters.  I just got our tickets to see it this Saturday, and I absolutely cannot wait!

I just felt the need to feature these fantastic sandals by Katy Perry called “The Margot” because, like RP1, they are absolutely paying homage to my favorite decade: The 80’s.  How perfect are these shoes?  I just had to snap a few pictures in my mini-studio next to our son’s very own Rubik’s Cube.

Are you going to see RP1 this weekend?  Let me know in the comments!

Katy Perry Cube 2

Katy Perry Cube 3

T.G.I. Funko: “I’m Mary Poppins Y’all!”

Yondu Pop 1

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I attempted to purchase our first Funko Pop! exclusive, online through a major retailer.  There are times where exclusives are released at conventions like the San Diego Comic Con or the LA Comic Con.  There are also other exclusives that can only be obtained at a major retail chain, such as Wal-Mart, Toys r Us, Hot Topic or Game Stop.

Yondu Pop 2 edited

This is the Yondu Funko Pop! figure from the Guardians of The Galaxy 2 collection.  It was an exclusive from the Emerald City Comic Con, shared with Target.  My husband and I actually stayed up until midnight on the day of the sale, and I was able to score this fantastic new Pop!

If you want to check out all Funko has to offer, remember to click on the banner on the right (or here)  to take you to their official shop.  Cheers and T.G.I. Funko!

Yondu Pop 3

Yondu Pop 4

Clean & Pure at Credo Beauty

Credo Beauty 3.8.18 b

Have you heard of the app Think Dirty?  One of my co-workers recently turned me on to it, and the concept behind it is that it allows you to scan beauty and personal care products to understand the potentially toxic ingredients in the products we use everyday.  Recently, I found out that most of my products rate at a 7 or higher!  Products that rate anywhere in the 7-10 range contain ingredients that have potential serious negative long-term health effects.

That same week, Kali of In Spades mentioned she would be at Credo Beauty in Westfield UTC for a beauty event.  “All of the brands we carry at Credo must pass our screening process proving they use only safe ingredients (nothing harmful or toxic), are cruelty-free and committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable production.”  What a wonderful coincidence that the day after I discover the Think Dirty app I end up at a beauty event featuring #CleanBeauty products!

Credo Beauty 3.8.18 d

One of the lines carried there is called Nu Evolution, which is a green make-up and beauty company owned by two sisters Kali met during NYFW.  I received this beautiful lip gloss called “Bliss” in the gift bag from Credo.  Their products are gluten and cruelty free, made with all natural and organic ingredients such as Cocoa & Shea Butter, Coconut, Castor & Jojoba Oil.  This gloss is rich and non-sticky and “Bliss” is a lovely high-gloss pink, that still appears subtle on the lips.

Credo Beauty 3.8.18 c

Innersense is a green hair care line whose products all rate at 0-3 on the Think Dirty app, and I got the chance to chat with one of the founders, Greg Starkman, at the event.  My hair is quite thick and coarse, and requires nourishment because it can easily dry out, or overly greasy when unwashed.  I purchased their Hairbath (shampoo) and conditioner, and received the leave-in conditioner as a gift.  My hair is in dire need of repair, and I already feel the wonderful effect of using an all natural product.  My hair is softer and takes product well after use.

Credo Beauty 3.8.18 a

Thank you Kali for letting me know about the event, and thanks to Diane, Store Manager at Credo Beauty.  She really spent some time with me to explain their concept and product lines, and introduced me to my new favorite deodorant by AER, sold exclusively at Credo.  I tend to get irritated under my arms, and I needed a totally clean deodorant that would help to calm the irritation but provide the protection I need.  Bonus: it comes in a Blood Orange scent!

T.G.I. Funko!

Animaniacs Funko Pop

We are a family of hobbyists.  We definitely like to collect items, build things, and frequent places that we love.  My husband’s latest endeavor has been the Funko Pop! vinyl figures.  He started his collection a couple of years ago, but it really started to build during this last San Diego Comic Con and the LA Comic Con.  We are known to spend an entire day in search of certain Pop! figures when they are released, and his obsession has now rubbed off on me!  Not only have I joined my husband in collecting Pop! figurines, but I recently became a Funko affiliate.

In celebration of my new affiliate status, I will be sharing pictures of our collection every Friday in a post called “T.G.I. Funko!” (Special thanks to my hubby for the title!)

Today, I’m showing selections from my very first “vaulted” items, which are from the Pop! Animation series.  When I was in my 20’s, I loved The Animaniacs cartoon series.  I immediately snapped up the Dot, Yakko and Wakko Pops when they came out at Hot Topic, and they recently became a part of the Funko Vault (above).  When an item is “vaulted”, they are no longer available for retail purchase.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t get them through a collector or eBay, but you will most likely be paying outside the retail prices that I paid for my collection.

Recently, I came across another wonderful pair from the same animated series as The Animaniacs, which are Pinky and The Brain (below).  These are not vaulted yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they become vaulted soon.

If you want to check out all Funko has to offer, click on the banner on the right (or here)  to take you to their official shop.  Cheers and T.G.I. Funko!

Pinky and The Brain Funko Pop

The 2018 Spring Trend Event with Neiman Marcus

NM Spring Trend Event 2018 Lunch 1

A couple of weeks ago, I attended one of my favorite annual events at Fashion Valley’s Neiman Marcus: The Spring Trend Event!  I’m getting back into the swing of things with my posting, so this one will be full of pictures.  Although the lunch is fantastic, the fashion is always front and center, as styled by the amazingly talented Alex Yanez.

Check out all of the his & hers spring trends below, cheers!

NM Spring Trend Event 2018 Lunch 2

NM Spring Trend Event 2018 Lunch 3


NM Spring 2018 Womens 13

NM Spring 2018 Womens 4

My favorite jacket by Gucci

NM Spring 2018 Womens 14


NM Spring 2018 Womens 5

NM Spring 2018 Womens 10

NM Spring 2018 Womens 11

NM Spring 2018 Womens 12

Statement Sleeves & The Logo Bag

NM Spring 2018 Womens 9

NM Spring 2018 Womens 8

Floral Dresses & The Pointed Toe

NM Spring 2018 Womens 1

NM Spring 2018 Womens 2

NM Spring 2018 Womens 3


NM Spring 2018 Womens 15

NM Spring 2018 Womens 15b

Sparkle & Glitter Glam, Rainbow Jewelry & Soft Sunnies

As I said on my Instastories, this was my favorite look of the day


NM Spring 2018 Mens 1


NM Spring 2018 Mens 2

Short-Sleeve Shirts & Logo Mania

NM Spring 2018 Mens 3

Shorts & Oversize Aviators

NM Spring 2018 Mens 4

The Bold Blazer & The New Denim


One of the things I love about this event is that we are able to shop all of the clothing, shoes, bags and accessories after the show.  More please!

NM Spring 2018 Accessories 2

NM Spring 2018 Accessories 5

Can you need a bag?  Yes, if it’s the Gucci Dionysus…

NM Spring 2018 Accessories 1

NM Spring 2018 Accessories 4

The Statement Sneaker is big for both men and women, like the Rock Stud  Body-Tech Sock Sneaker by Valentino

NM Spring 2018 Accessories 3

The Asymmetrical Statin 110m Pump by Rene Caovilla is simply divine!