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Inner Circle

I’ve got a few circle scarves, including this cute green one.  It was a last-minute purchase during a recent mini-shopping spree, but I’m glad that I bought it.  It added a subtle punch of color to this black & white outfit.  I really am trying to embrace more color, so I think accessories are a great place to start.

Outfit – H&M Jacket and shirt; Guess jeans; Axxiom Boots; Cotton On scarf; iSee glasses ℅ GlassesUSA

Deep & Wide & Tall

I’ve worn these wide legged jeans once before (here).  I have been on the search for jeans that are just as wide with the same length because I can wear them with shoes of more extreme height.  The search has not been too fruitful, but I am optimistic.  Although I like flare or boot-cut jeans, the fact that the width of these jeans starts at the top of my thigh rather than from just above my knee makes them comfortable.  I’m sure I’ve posted about my search before, so I guess I’m giving an update that it continues.

Outfit:  Forever 21 blouse & tank; Guess jeans;  Jeffrey Campbell “Lita” platforms; Cotton On cardigan; Rebecca Minkoff purse; iSee glasses ℅ GlassesUSA; Vintage earrings; Dominique Cohen for Target necklace

(Post title is a song by Aztec Camera)

PS:  Happy Leap Year!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I love the fact that my little man lets me play dress up with him.  Dominic’s only requirement is that he gets to wear his “Cars” shirts.  Other than that, it’s up to me on how to create the rest of the outfit around it.  I know the poses are practically the same, but I just couldn’t resist because of the look on his face in each shot.  Hope you had a great Christmas weekend!

Dominic’s Outfit – Disney “Cars” t-shirt; H&M striped shirt (layered); Guess jeans (handed down from cousin Riley); Kids Play jacket; Target cap; Urban scarf; Old Navy boots (and of course, one of many Lightning McQueen cars)

Beau Coeur

Magazines to satisfy your appetite.

This is one of my favorite necklaces.  It’s by Dominique Cohen when she had a line at Target.  It says Beau Coeur, which is French for “good heart”.  I love that it has a very vintage and aged look to it, which makes it perfect for all of my fall to winter outfits.  This is also the first of the three new pairs of boots that I have bought since the Thanksgiving weekend.  I have worn these boots everyday since I bought them, creating outfits just so I can wear them again.

Outfit – INC sweater; Cotton On shirt; Guess jeans and boots ($99 at the Guess store!); Rebecca Minkoff 5 Zip purse; Mango sunnies; Dominique Cohen for Target necklace; Juicy Couture and Wendy Brandes rings; Michael Kors watch

FTC Disclosure: Although this is a sponsored post, the opinions, pictures & content of this post are strictly my own.

A Different Shade of Green

My neighbor did a good and bad thing:  she finally trimmed her overflowing plants and trees, but it changed my easy access outfit photo backdrop!  I had to move to the other side, which is more in our driveway.  There were still workers doing things in her yard, so I didn’t want to shoot any pictures while they were cleaning up.  Once they finish the work, I think I can still take photos there, but those pretty flowers won’t be a part of the shot any longer.  One thing I can guarantee is that Dominic will definitely be a part of my outfit posts, which isn’t so bad, is it?

Outfit – Ana sweater (JC Penney); Guess jeans; Forever 21 tank; Qupid shoes; Rebecca Minkoff purse; Coach sunglasses; Michael Kors watch; Juicy Couture & Wendy Brandes rings; Tiffany & Co necklace

Bonus picture: Dominic also wearing green

So Newly Charming

I got the chance to use my new tripod and was inspired by yet another Duran Duran song with my outfit. I felt my jacket was quite androgynous with the pin-stripes, so I kept it simple with a white sweater and black skinny jeans. I had the hat on, but felt better holding it to give a hint of Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur” without going overboard (the title of this post is a line from the song).

I’m also loving the “Walk the Walk” boots that I bought from Modcloth.com (sorry kids, they went on sale and suddenly sold out!). They are quite comfortable and flattering with everything from jeans to dresses. I have worn these boots everyday since I bought them.

I always get asked where I bought this distressed white sweater. It looks like it’s been sliced or run all over like stockings, and has loose threads on the sleeves and on either side of the sweater, giving it an almost spiderweb look. Believe it or not, I bought it at an “Everything $5.99” store. We went in the store, looking for little knickknacks. I walked over to the 99 cent rack and found this sweater. The best dollar I’ve ever spent!

Outfit: Anna Sui jacket; Guess skinny jeans; “Walk the Walk” Boots from Modcloth.com; Unknown brand sweater; H&M hat; Juicy Couture ring; Burberry sunglasses; Charm bracelet was a Christmas gift from my niece

Velveteen Rabbit

I bought this Erin Fetherston for Target shirt awhile ago, but never found an opportunity to wear it.  Now that I’ve worn several animal-themed pieces of clothing (a bird print dress and leopard jacket come to mind), I felt that I could finally bring out my fun rabbit print shirt.  It’s also been awhile since I’ve worn this jacket.  It’s not really velvet, but it’s a fine enough corduroy that it feels like it. 

I wore the jacket and shirt with one of my favorite styles of pants:  the wide-leg.  I have several incarnations of the wide-legged pant, and these Guess jeans are one of the widest I own.  I like these types of jeans rather than the flare because they are full all the way through the leg instead of tight in the thighs up until the wide part extends from just below the knee.  I like the way the jeans were a little distressed and faded, so I couldn’t bring myself to have them tailored.  So now I just wear them with my super-high platforms, like these Jeffrey Campbell suede clogs.  But even these jeans were almost too long.  You can see my clogs barely peeking out from beneath them.

Outfit:  Unknown brand fine corduroy jacket; Bebe crown brooch; Erin Fetherston for Target shirt; Guess jeans; Jeffrey Campbell suede clogs.

Photos by Deon Chen